Buying song plays is a great way to give your tracks more appeal, if you see 2 tracks listed, one has 5000 plays the other 22, which one would you listen too? We can boost your plays which gives the song a more appealing profile

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most popular song boost plays frequently asked questions.

How quickly will my song plays be delivered?

The delivery time indicators are listed with each relevant packages, sometimes we deliver quicker, but all are done in a natural way, we will email you once your boost campaign is complete.

Can I do a regular song boost order?

Of course you can, for new songs start smaller with the packages, but then build up, you should not do more than one a week/fortnight in our opinion, but you can do smaller ones more often.

What happens if you cant boost my plays?

If we cannot boost your plays within the time frame we will refund your money in full (even if we almost delivered it), we normally overdeliver in our song play boosts.

Do you offer a free trial of your service?

Not at present, we did but got bombarded with multiple requests for the same tracks and artists, so have removed this offer.

Will my followers and likes go up?

No this service just boosts your song plays, you will not get more followers, likes etc we do not offer any services like that, we are just boosting your plays.

How do I know the boost is finished?

Our song play boost platform confirms all play counts prior to the campaign starting and monitors throughout, once complete we will email you.

Do you need my SoundCloud login?

No we do not require any login details and you do not need to register to use our services, we just need a link to your individual song page.

Do you accept songs in all genres?

We sure do, we work with any type of music genre, all you have to do is make sure that the song is live on the SoundCloud website.

Are you affiliated with SoundCloud?

No we do not have any affiliation with SoundCloud, we are just music lovers and love visiting there to listen to new tunes.

Do you work with anyone famous?

We work with artists and labels of all sizes around the globe, we NEVER reveal anyone who is using our services, orders placed are treated confidentially...

How much information do you need from me about my song?

All we need from you is the web address of the individual song page on SoundCloud, we will gather the information we need from there (we check this is correct prior to accepting your order), so if you have got to the PayPal stage we have the information we require.

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